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Finding Fraud

It’s no secret that one of our hottest use cases lately has been Fraud Detection. A while back we did a webinar talking about some of the ways you could use Neo4j to fight fraud. Watch it, if you haven’t yet. Today I want to augment that webinar with some cypher queries. Let’s see how it works:
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In the movie Blade Runner, “replicants” are engineered biological copies of humans. They are implanted with memories that aren’t real (to them anyway, they are sometimes the recorded memories of other people) in order to provide a sort of replacement to their emotions. The replicants are meant to work in outer space and are illegal on earth. The ones that manage to get to earth are hunted down by Deckard and other blade runners. In order to determine who is a replicant and who is a “real person” blade runners use a “Voight-Kampff” test that measures respiration, heart rate, blushing and eye movement in response to emotionally provocative questions. Today we are going to turn Neo4j into a blade runner and use it to find and retire replicated identities in our data.
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Online Payment Risk Management with Neo4j


I really like this saying by Corey Lanum:

Finding the relationships that should not be there is a great use case for Neo4j, and today I want to highlight an example of why. When you purchase something online, the merchant hands off your information to the payment gateway which processes your actual payment. Before they accept the transaction, they run it via series of risk management tests to validate that it is a real transaction and protect themselves from fraud. One of the hardest things for SQL based systems to do is cross check the incoming payment information against existing data looking for relationships that shouldn’t be there.
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