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Improving Performance with Flame Graphs

Yes, I’m slowly but surely getting on the generative AI bandwagon. The eye catching image above was generated in Lexica, it’s not perfect but our mind tricks us into accepting it. I am not a fan of asking these new AI systems questions and getting answers that only look like correct answers… but we’re not talking about that today. Instead we’ll be looking at improving the performance of RageDB using “perf” and “FlameGraphs“. Which really should have been called “FlameCharts” since it’s a chart not a graph but let’s not go there either.

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Counting Triangles

Our last post was about a Triangle Count query. It referenced another blog post from Kuzu where they explained their use of a Multi Way Join Algorithm to count 41 million triangles in 1.62 seconds. Using only binary joins it would take them 51.17 seconds to achieve the same result. My attempts to run the query using Lua on Rage landed at 9.5 seconds one node at a time and 5.6 seconds using the batch queries. So that got me thinking, how about Neo4j?

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