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Dynamic Rule Based Decision Trees in Neo4j – Part 3

At Graph Connect this year I did a short lightning talk on building Decision Trees using Neo4j. The slides are up and down below, the video is up. After the talk, someone asked, “What if we don’t know all the facts ahead of time?”. They wanted to be able to step through the tree and ask for the facts as needed at each step. So today we’re going to see how to do that.
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Finding your neighbors using Neo4j

In Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, the question “Won’t you be my neighbor?” is an invitation for somebody to be close to you. In graphs, it’s an invitation to traverse. The closest neighbors of a node are those reachable by a single relationship hop, but we can also consider nodes two, three or more hops away our neighbors as well. How can we find them in Neo4j? Using the “star”:
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