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Let’s build something Outrageous – Part 14: Command Logging

You may have noticed that homes are selling for ridiculously high prices lately. Some are calling it inflation, others see it as a supply chain squeeze the likes of which we’ve never seen before. I’m in the latter camp and I think things will eventually return to normal levels but the “inflationistas” yearn for a simpler time. A return to the Gold Standard of currency which kept inflation in check. Do you know who else wanted to return to the gold standard?

Cobra Commander.

That’s right, the “bad guy” from the G.I. Joe series wanted to burn all paper currency and use Cobra gold currency. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all? But he did spend most of his time shouting orders at people. He commanded things to change, much in the same way we command our data to change. There is a great post on StackOverflow on this subject, I’ll reproduce the relevant bits here. If you define:

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