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Matches are the New Hotness

How do you help a person without a job find one online? A search screen. How do you help a person find love online? A search screen. How do you find which camera to buy online? A search screen. How do you help a sick person self diagnose online? I have no idea, I go to the doctor. Doesn’t matter, what I want to tell you is that there is another way.
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Hubway Data Visualization Challenge with Neo4j

Michael Hunger imported the Hubway Challenge dataset into a Neo4j graph database, and made it available for us to play with.
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Hunting Trolls with Neo4j!

Allison Sparrow shared a link to Patentula, a company interested in finding better ways to explore patent data and hunt patent trolls. What caught my attention is this quote from the video below:

What we tried to do with it, is bypass any sort of keyword processing in order to find similar patents. The reason we’ve done this is to avoid the problems encountered by other systems that rely on natural language processing or semantic analysis simply because patents are built to avoid detection by similar keywords…we use network topology (specifically citation network topology) to mine the US patent database in order to predict similar documents.

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