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Adding gRPC to Neo4j

You are probably sick of me saying it, but one of the things I love about Neo4j is that you can customize it any way you want. Extensions, stored procedures, plugins, custom indexes, custom apis, etc. If you want to do it, then you can do it with Neo4j.

So the other day I was like what about this gRPC thing? Many companies standardize their backend using RESTful APIs, others are trying out GraphQL, and some are using gRPC. Neo4j doesn’t support gRPC out of the box, partially because we have our own custom binary protocol “Bolt”, but we can add a rudimentary version of gRPC support quite easily.
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Stored Procedure to Import Data

A while back I showed you how to write an extension to import the MaxMind city data set. Today is just a repeat of that exercise but instead of using an extension, we will use a stored procedure.

The documentation spells out how to write your own procedures in Chapter 6 so I’m not going to go over that again, but I do want to point out a few things.
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