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Work Order Management with Neo4j

I look terrible in a bikini (take my word for it) but I’d love me a Lamborghini. However, in order to afford nice things, we need to do as the song says and get to work…and we need to manage and prioritize that work somehow. Today, I’m going to show you how to build part of a work order management system with Neo4j.

I’m going to build an evented work order model. So let’s say our Order gets created, then based on what it is, pieces of Work need to happen. This work is performed by some Provider (whether internal or external) and that work can be broken down into Tasks that have dependencies on Events that have occurred. How would this look like in the graph? Glad you asked:
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Building a Boolean Logic Rules Engine in Neo4j

A boolean logic rules engine was the first project I did for Neo4j before I joined the company some 5 years ago. I was working for some start-up at the time but took a week off to play consultant. I had never built a rules engine before, but as far as I know ignorance has never stopped anyone from trying. Neo4j shipped me to the client site, and put me in a room with a projector and a white board where I live coded with an audience of developers staring at me, analyzing every keystroke and cringing at every typo and failed unit test. I forgot what sleep was, but managed to figure it out and I lost all sense of fear after that experience.

The data model chained together fact nodes with criss crossing relationships each chain containing the same path id property we followed until reaching an end node which triggered a rule. There were a few complications along the way and more complexity near the end for ordering and partial matches. The traversal ended up being some 40 lines of the craziest Gremlin code I ever wrote, but it worked. After the proof of concept, the project was rewritten using the Neo4j Java API because at the time only a handful of people could look at a 40 line Gremlin script and not shudder in horror. I think we’re up to two handfuls now.
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Finding Triplets with Neo4j

A user had an interesting Neo4j question on Stack Overflow the other day:

I have two types of nodes in my graph. One type is Testplan and the other is Tag. Testplans are tagged to Tags. I want most common pairs of Tags that share the same Testplans with a Tag having a specific name. I have been able to achieve the most common Tags sharing the same Testplan with one Tag, but getting confused when trying to do it for pairs of Tags.

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