Getting a Mascot

Everything cool deserves an awesome mascot. Postgres has an elephant named Slonik. MySQL has a dolphin named Sakila. Linux has a Penguin named Tux. ScyllaDB has a sea monster. RedPanda has a… you guessed it, a Red Panda. Zig was too cool for one mascot so they have two “Ziguanas“. PHP has an elephant too. Rust has a Crab named Ferris. TerminusDB has a cowduck. Docker has a whale, but it was almost a giraffe. One of the most famous mascots around is the GitHub Octocat named Mona. Go has a Gopher and they even have a website where you can make your own gopher, how cool is that?

Unfortunately not every cool project gets a mascot. Many just stick with a logo. What’s even worse is when they change their logo into something dumb. I wanted a cool logo, so I went to 99 Designs and ran a contest. The winner was Gesang.

He drew this awesome logo for RageDB:

So when it came time to get a mascot, I went back to him and asked him to give it a shot.

I really liked what he came up with. I think the way he blended the Rhino “horn” into the Cthulhu “tentacles” is pure genius. I asked him to make a few variations for me as well. Here is the Movie Recommendation Cthulhuceros:

Here is the Fraud Detection Cthulhuceros:

The Evidence Based Medicine Cthulhuceros:

The Identity Management Cthulhuceros:

Every Mascot should have a name. I tried asking on Twitter and I tried asking on LinkedIn. I got some great suggestions and some terrible ones. I decided to name the mascot “Reggie”. So world, meet Reggie the RageDB Cthulhuceros.

There are loads more pictures on the public repository, take a look and maybe you’ll find one you really like. They are released under the Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal license, which dedicates them to the world-wide public domain.

If you have a need for some logo or mascot graphic designs, please give Gesang a shot.

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One thought on “Getting a Mascot

  1. This looks super cool!
    Love the popcorn one ;0

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