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Going Faster in 2020

Everybody loves benchmarks. Well let me rephrase that, everyone who publishes benchmarks loves the benchmark they publish. Nobody publishes benchmarks that make them look bad, it would be a terrible idea. But you my friend are in luck. I’m full of terrible ideas and today I’m going to publish some benchmarks that makes us look bad. Why? Because we are actively trying to improve this part of Neo4j and I want to experiment with some ideas and see what a ballpark theoretical limit should look like…and I’ll throw in some “inside baseball” about the graph database space from my point of view if you stick around until the end.
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Getting the latest transactions

On Neo4j’s User Slack someone was having a bit of a hard time getting a query to return quickly. Their model had User Nodes and Transaction Nodes, and they wanted to get the last 25 transactions for a user. This particular user had millions of transactions and the query was taking forever. I’m going to show you how we can speed up the query and hopefully teach you a new modeling trick you can use in your graphs.

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