If you live anywhere near Chicago, come to the Graph Database – Chicago meet-up.


Embarking on a graph project and want to get your development team up to speed?
I’ll be happy to train you or your team on or off-site.
I can teach half-day and full-day classes as well as multi-day hands-on workshops with your data.


I am available for on-site and remote, part-time and full-time consulting to build your project or provide guidance to your team.

8 thoughts on “Services

  1. Ishu Khatri says:

    What if want to match jobseeker and job not just based on location but also based on experience in skill .

    • maxdemarzi says:

      You could add a property to the relationship from user to skill. Let’s call it experience and make it an integer from 1-10. Then for the jobs they would also have a property on their relationship to the skills called experience_required with an integer from 1-10. In the query you would add a WHERE clause that would say user_relationship_to_skill.experience >= job_relationship_to_skill.experience.

  2. Question says:

    How much do you charge an hour for remote consulting?

  3. dev@learn says:

    is there a way to find a node by a property (for example time>now())
    not with Chyper (which mean run’s over n nodes).
    using addNodeFilter dosen’t give the desired result.

  4. Stu says:

    First comment of 2020! Just want to thank you for your very informative website Max. I use Neo4J everyday… Any idea when the GDS Library will be declared “Production Ready”?

    • maxdemarzi says:

      GDS 1.0 is out and it is supported by Neo4j fully (as long as you are on 3.5). The 4.0 ready version will be out soon.

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