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Finding Fraud Part Two

In the last blog post, we saw how we can use Neo4j to find the merchants where credit card fraud originated or was used for testing stolen data in order to prevent further fraudulent charges. It stemmed from a webinar on our amazing youtube channel with has hundreds of videos about graphs and Neo4j. We will continue diving in to the technical details by looking at how Neo4j can help you find Fraud Rings. The way this fraud works is that a large set of synthetic accounts are created and act like normal customers. Over time they request higher and higher levels of credit which they pay back on time. Then they all request the maximum credit they can get, take out the money, and disappear! Let’s find them before this happens.

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Finding Fraud

It’s no secret that one of our hottest use cases lately has been Fraud Detection. A while back we did a webinar talking about some of the ways you could use Neo4j to fight fraud. Watch it, if you haven’t yet. Today I want to augment that webinar with some cypher queries. Let’s see how it works:
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Testing APOC inside your Stored Procedures

The Awesome Procedures on Cypher (APOC) plugin is packed with goodies to make your life working with Neo4j easier. Sometimes you want to use these goodies in your own stored procedures…and you want to be able to test them. So how do we go about doing that exactly?
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