I will help you understand Graphs and apply them to your project

Portrait of Max De Marzi

Because data is becoming increasingly connected and Graphs help you mine those connections.

Because you are moving fast and need unlimited flexibility in your schema.

Because your data is deeply associative and user generated (network-shaped or hierarchical data).

Because friends don’t let friends write atrocious recursive joins in SQL.

Contact Max

If you need to talk to Max right now: maxdemarzi on Skype.

If you need to talk to Max this hour: maxdemarzi@gmail.com.

If you need to talk to Max today: (312) 513-7509 (central time zone).

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How about a Resume/CV?

You can have it : Max De Marzi – Resume


Resumes are so passé, can I see your github account?

Yes, you can https://github.com/maxdemarzi.


About Max De Marzi

Max De Marzi, is a seasoned web developer. He started building websites in 1996 and has worked with Ruby on Rails since 2006. The web forced Max to wear many hats and master a wide range of technologies. He can be a system admin, database developer, graphic designer, back-end engineer and data scientist in the course of one afternoon.  Max is a graph database enthusiast.  He built the Neography Ruby Gem, a rest api wrapper to the Neo4j Graph Database.  He is addicted to learning new things, loves a challenge and finding pragmatic solutions. Max is very easy to work with, focuses under pressure and has the patience of a rock.



Neo4j Challenger
Participated in the 2012 Neo4j Challenge.
Mongoose 3
Have at least three original repos where Ruby is the dominant language.
Have at least one original repo where CoffeeScript is the dominant language.
komododragon Java
Have at least one original repo where Java is the dominant language.
platypus Scala
Have at least one original repo where Scala is the dominant language.
walrus Walrus
The walrus is no stranger to variety. Use at least 4 different languages throughout your repos.
Fork and commit to someone’s open source project in need.
Increase developer well-being by sharing at least 20 open source projects.
Forked 50
Having an established project that’s been forked at least 50 times.
Lemmings 100
Write something great enough to have at least 100 watchers of the project.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Mpron says:

    Hi Max,

    Nice job kicking off your blog with some awesome posts! I’m a community leader from DZone and I’d be interested in featuring your content on our NoSQL Zone if you’re interested. Ping me an email and we’ll chat some more.

  2. Noah says:

    Max, your blog has been a world of help on an application I’m developing using the NEO4j database, thank you so much for this resource, please keep it up!

  3. Iver Walkoe says:

    Excellent presentation on Cypher for the Graph Database Meetup in Chicago. You shared a great deal of information – thank you!

  4. Hi Max,

    You really did a great job and I really learned a lot from this blog .. I tried to build a gem based on neography and your blog posts for managing friends relationships .. I wonder what’s the best way to refer to your work and blogs.

    Check my new gem at:


  5. Hi Max,
    I saw your webinar video of making the Facebook Graph Search with Neo4j and wanted to try the http://neographsearch.maxdemarzi.com/ you have left for us here. But when I try to login by clicking the “Sign in with Facebook” button, I get this error:

    Do I have to do or install something before trying to use this web application, or the app is no longer alive?


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