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Getting a Mascot

Everything cool deserves an awesome mascot. Postgres has an elephant named Slonik. MySQL has a dolphin named Sakila. Linux has a Penguin named Tux. ScyllaDB has a sea monster. RedPanda has a… you guessed it, a Red Panda. Zig was too cool for one mascot so they have two “Ziguanas“. PHP has an elephant too. Rust has a Crab named Ferris. TerminusDB has a cowduck. Docker has a whale, but it was almost a giraffe. One of the most famous mascots around is the GitHub Octocat named Mona. Go has a Gopher and they even have a website where you can make your own gopher, how cool is that?

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30 Days of Relational AI

There was a show called “30 Days” where people would be inserted in to a lifestyle completely different from their beliefs to see what would happen. The idea wasn’t so much to change their mind, but to help them (and the viewer) understand a little bit of both sides. My experience with Declarative Query languages so far has led me to the belief that they were ultimately a performance dead end. I’ve always known more than the database, which allowed me to hand-craft high performance queries using stored procedures. Building RageDB I decided to stay away from query languages, going as far as letting you write part of your query in “c” if you wanted to.

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Our own Multi-Model Database – Part 1


I may be remembering this wrong, but I think it was Henry Rollins who once asked, “What came first, the shitty Multi-Model Databases or the Drugs?” His confusion was over whether:

A) there were a bunch of developers dicking around with their Mac laptops and they wrote a shitty database, put it on github, posted on hacker news, and then other developers who were on drugs started using it or…

B) there were a bunch of developers on ketamine and ecstasy and somebody said lets write a shitty database

I think “A” is what probably happens and how we end up with over 300 databases on DB Engines. But what about “B” ? Well I don’t have any good stuff lying around, but I did hurt my foot the other day and the doctors gave me some Tramadol, so lets down some of that and see what happens.
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