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Building a Dating site with Neo4j – Part Five

You ever eaten at a “Fusion Cuisine” type of restaurant? It’s a bit of a gamble. Personally I’m always up for eating just about anything… except Pho. That stuff messes me up. But back to fusion cuisine. I think my favorite is Indian and Mexican. Take your favorite Indian dish, wrap that in the warm embrace that is a burrito tortilla, heaven. Well, just about anything wrapped in a burrito is perfect. Why am I taking about Fusion and Wrapping stuff? Well, today we are going to add Auto Complete into our Dating Site, but before we can do that I need to talk to you about Neo4j’s Fusion Indexes and how they wrap the Lucene Indexes as well as our generation-aware B+tree (GB+Tree) indexes.
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Enabling Legacy Automatic Full Text Search on Neo4j 3.x


Neo4j 3.x has made inroads toward Full Text Search capabilities using Cypher keywords “STARTS WITH”, “ENDS WITH” and “CONTAINS”. However this search capability is limited to a single Schema Index and can be a problem when you need a very flexible search interface. To search across multiple models you can do this trick:
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A Peek behind the Neo4j Lucene Index Curtain


Did you know you can write Javascript in the Neo4j console to access the Neo4j API?
Try it. Open up your Neo4j Web Admin Console and type:

neo4j-sh (0)$ eval db
EmbeddedGraphDatabase [data/graph.db]

OMG! I know, Neo4j is crazy. So much to play with, I’ve been at it for a few years and I haven’t even dug into this area. What else can we do here?
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