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Building a Chat Bot in Neo4j Part 3

In part one, we learned to listen to our users, in part two we began learning how to talk back. Before we go any further in to the stored procedure, how about we build a little front end to show off the work we’ve done so far on this proof of concept? That will also make things easier to test out and let us get into the mindset of the user. There are a ton of options here, lots of folks like Spring and Spring Boot. Others are more hipsters and into Micronaut. I am even more of a hipster and prefer to use Jooby, but it doesn’t really matter. We’ll be using Cypher, the Neo4j Drivers and the Stored Procedures we build along the way so technically you can do this in just about any language.
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Building a Twitter Clone with Neo4j – Part Seven

Alright, we’ve had enough back-end work on our Twitter Clone. Let’s switch gears and get to work on the front end. I’ve decided I’m going to use a Java micro framework for my front end, but if your language of choice is Ruby, Python, Go, or whatever, find an alternative library and follow along.

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