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Parallel K-Hop Counts

As a foreigner I was a little perplexed the first time I went to IHOP. You are served a stack of pancakes 3-5 high. How do you eat them? Do you pour syrup over the top and cut down through all the layers and eat them that way… or do you unstack them, pour syrup over each one and eat one at a time? If you are American, you eat them stacked. If you see someone eat them one at a time, you know they are shape-shifting lizard people. But doesn’t that mean the bottom layers are dry and don’t get any butter or syrup on them? Well you would think, but Americans are an ingenious people and they found a way to fix that problem. More syrup, more and more, and then a bit more to be sure… and a side of bacon. Now that you know all about IHOP, let’s switch gears to KHOP. Let’s say you wanted to find out how many nodes there were k-hops away from a starting node. What would be the best way to do that?

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