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Multiple origin multiple destination 3 relationships queries for knowledge graphs using Neo4j

The multiple-origin-multiple-destination (MOMD) problem is an NP-Hard problem sometimes seen in logistics planning where paths can stretch out really far. A far simpler problem presents itself when we limit the size of the paths. Now you may be wondering, why would we do that? Well… outside logistics we have plenty of graphs where relevance drops as we get further and further away. Think about an Article on Wikipedia. It has links to many other articles that are relevant, and those have links to other articles that are relevant to them but less relevant to our starting Article, and those have links to other articles that may be relevant to them, but have very little to do with our starting Article. I think if we keep going we end up in Philosophy or something like that.
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Knowledge Bases in Neo4j


From the second we are born we are collecting a wealth of knowledge about the world. This knowledge is accumulated and interrelated inside our brains and it represents what we know. If we could export this knowledge and give it to a computer, it would look like ConceptNet. ConceptNet is a semantic network that…

…is built from nodes representing concepts, in the form of words or short phrases of natural language, and labeled relationships between them. These are the kinds of things computers need to know to search for information better, answer questions, and understand people’s goals.

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