Dark Mode

I tend to only find time to work on RageDB at night. Staring at code in CLion using the “Darcula” theme works great. But like a vampire exposed to direct sunlight, things go horribly wrong when I try to test what I am working on using the RageDB front-end. You see, besides the code-editor, the rest of the interface is very bright. Blindingly so:

So to save myself from bursting into flames every night, I added the best database feature ever: “Dark Mode”. If you go under settings (click on the screwdriver and wrench) you will now have an option to choose your theme.

When you click on Dark Mode, you will feel the welcoming, loving embrace of night:

There we go. Isn’t that just so much better? You know you want to try it. Grab it from Docker. It works even on your Apple MacBook with an M1 chip.

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