It’s getting cloudy

Summer is over, and things are starting to get a little cloudy. At Neo4j we provide a full service cloud hosting offering to select Enterprise customers and have been publishing guides on how to run your own clusters in the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon EC2, and Microsoft Azure. Tune in to our Neo4j Online Developer Summit on Thursday, October 10, 2019 for even more cloud goodness. You don’t want to miss it.

Once you have your cluster in the cloud, one of the first things you’ll want to do is monitor it. David Allen has built a great tool call Halin to help you do just that. Let’s see how to get Halin installed and start monitoring.

Open up your Neo4j Desktop application and click on the “Graph Applications” image on the sidebar:

At the bottom, you’ll see a little link to “Discover more graph apps”. Click on that:

It will take you to the Neo4j Developer Graph Apps Gallery, once there look for this picture and click install:

You will get a pop-up asking you if you really trust this application. Go ahead and say that you do trust this graph app.

Now Halin is installed into Neo4j Desktop, but we haven’t added it to any Project. Create a new Project and click on the “Add Application” box:

Select Halin Neo4j Monitoring:

Now we have Halin active on our project, but we don’t have a connection to our cloud instances. So click on “Add Graph”:

…and select “Connect to a Remote Graph”:

The connect URL is the same one you would use from the Browser to connect to your cluster. Type “:server connect” if you forgot what it was:

Enter that and click Next:

On the following screen, click on “Username/password”:

Enter your credentials:

If you are using an encrypted connection (which you should be) then don’t forget to check the box:

When this screen comes up, click on the “Activate” button:

If it all goes well, your cloud graph will be green and active:

Now click on the Halin app and take a look at your cluster:

Explore all that Halin has to offer and for some context, make sure you read David’s blog post on Halin or watch the video below:

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