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Declarative Query Languages are the Iraq War of Computer Science

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States. Some people are staying home, others are observing the holiday quietly and others still are using it as an excuse to party because they have seemed to have forgotten that the entire world is once again at war. At war with a tiny enemy, so small some people think it’s a hoax. The worst part is the enemy is in each other, our friends and neighbors. But Memorial day is not about remembering the wars, but rather remembering the fallen. To remember those who gave all. Whatever you may think of war, all are terrible, some were necessary. I never served, so that’s about all I get to say about that.

About 14 years ago Ted Neward wrote a very long blog post on “The Vietnam of Computer Science”. There is a follow up, and a short summary by Jeff Atwood as well. If you have never read them, I ask you to do so now…and with that, I believe Query Languages are the Iraq War of Computer Science.

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