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MadCoderTV is live on Roku

I’ve had a Roku streaming player for my TV for a few years now and a few months ago I got interested in how it actually worked. I started seeing more channels pop-up and I thought how hard could it be to put one up? So I found their SDK, grabbed their sample application and after a few tweaks, some nice artwork and finding content, it was approved.

Why go through the trouble of doing this to watch videos on my TV when I can just watch them on the laptop? One word… Distraction.

If a video is more than 3 to 5 minutes long, there is a good chance I won’t make it all the way through. It’s hard to sit still when you have the full power of your laptop and the internet at your fingertips. On the TV, as long as there are no commercials, I’m pretty much going to just sit there and watch. Maybe it is some mild form of ADD, maybe it’s normal.
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