Chicago Graph DB Meet-Up

We had our first Graph Database Meet-up in Chicago yesterday!

16 Graphistas came out to learn more about the craft and get an introduction to Neo4j. Ryan Briones from Groupon gave us a venue and helped host the event. No worries if you missed it, your next chance to learn more about Neo4j is coming up on Tuesday February 7th @ 6pm, when Prasanna Pendse will share his experiences with Neo4j at ChicagoRuby: Downtown.

Our next Chicago Graph DB meet-up is tentatively scheduled for February 29th @ 6 pm. This will be a hands-on meet-up. I’ll help you get started with either Neo4j on your laptop or in the cloud with Heroku. We’ll create a few graphs, learn some basic traversals and get comfortable with Neo4j. I’ll have a GitHub repository graph for us to play with and see how you are connected to Kevin Bacon (err I mean Linus Torvalds). He is the center of the GitHub universe right? Right? We’ll let’s find out.

The slides of our first meet-up are available below:

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Graph DB Meet-Up

  1. Thanks for all these posts. They’re tremendously helpful. Do you happen to know, is the neo4j challenge only for open source projects? It mentions supplying the github repository for the project – is it admissible to submit a project you do not intend to open source? Just if you know… ta

  2. maxdemarzi says:

    The objective of the Neo4j challenge is to create templates or demo applications that others can reuse and learn from.

    The templates can be added by others to their heroku accounts as a fast way to get them started.

    If you have an idea for a real application, maybe you can try doing a small proof of concept… or do something related or try a completely different set of data.

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